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Car seat capes for warmth and safety

Car seat capes (also called car seat ponchos) are an easy and fun alternative to removing jackets to buckle safely ithen car seat.

Car seat capes keep your child warm in the way to and from the car seat, and while riding in the car--safely buckled with nothing under the straps.

I carry 2 sizes of car seat capes. They are based on the child's height, and the car seat capes fit for 3-4 winters!

My car seat capes are reversible and have pockets --no more fussing with mittens either! The zipper makes it easy to cool off in the car. (Some kids even like to wrap up in the car seat cape in the house to cuddle on the couch. 🙂)

Check out my shop for over 120 available stiles and sizes!

Contact me for special orders, too!


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