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Benefits of Car Seat Capes by Kristen's ponchos

With cold weather here, car seat ponchos keep your child warm on the way to and from the car and while in the car seat.

The ZIPPER makes it easy to cool off in the car without needing to maneuver a cape over your child's head. It always makes putting on and removing the cape easy-- leave it zipped (or unzip a bit) and pull it over your child's head.

The shape of my capes/ponchos keep your child warm without the extra bulk of other types of capes. It is also easier to buckle your child by flipping the cape up towards your child's shoulder without covering their face as with other styles of car seat ponchos.

My car seat capes fit for multiple winters and can be reversed to be worn with either side showing.

Check my shop for pre-made styles in two sizes or contact me for custom orders.


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